Welcome to Season 2021

Dear Fellow Horse Breeders

Season 2021 is here, and our first foals are due within weeks. I expect we will be kept busy for the next four months, delivering the results of last year’s mating’s.

Whilst Bombora Downs does have stallions of our own, this year’s foal crop will be an eclectic lot given that we walked on mares to all the Victorian farms. Roughly 40% of our 100+ annual foalings are for local farms that send their mares just to foal down. Therefore, we end up with Hunter Valley stallions represented as well. And don’t forget the Gypsy Cobs, Warmbloods and Standard Breds that also make their way to the farm.

The development of the new farm is well underway and currently housing 40 youngsters that have just made the transition from weanlings to yearlings. The property is being set up specifically for young stock with the best fencing and facilities. The transition to biodynamic pasture maintenance has begun and already there is more life evident in the soil that will in turn make for a more nutrient dense natural feed.

The support for our home stallions has traditionally been from the breed to race community, though if Dandino (GB) progeny fulfill the early promise they have been showing, we could see some commercial interest very soon. De Gaulle progeny are also showing promise despite the limited numbers that have stepped out to date. Modest numbers representing each of the stallions make it harder, but the stables that have them are certainly very positive.

A busy but exciting time lies ahead.

Christoph Bruechert