Congratulations Jungle Ruler, you're a dad!

Last week was a busy week for foals at Bombora Downs and amongst them was the first of the eagerly awaited Jungle Ruler foals.

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Update from Bombora - August 2014

Work has been busy around the farm the last couple of months. The pastures have been sprayed and rested so that the best possible feed is available for new mums and their growing offspring. A growing future champion needs all the nutrients via mum's milk that green pastures and good feed can give.

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Welcome to Bombora downs

Welcome from Christoph

The 2017 breeding season is fast approaching and for those who breed thoroughbreds, their thoughts turn to breeding that perfect racehorse. To help where we can, we welcome you to the 2017 Bombora Downs stud website and our exciting line up of stallions.

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