Update from Bombora - August 2014

Work has been busy around the farm the last couple of months. The pastures have been sprayed and rested so that the best possible feed is available for new mums and their growing offspring. A growing future champion needs all the nutrients via mum's milk that green pastures and good feed can give.

img2Foaling yards now have a good cover of grass, so that a good frolic can be followed by a very comfortable rest, especially when the sun shines on those chilly mornings. Fences have been mended after a couple of wild and woolly weekend winds.

Trees and bushes have been trimmed so that road ways and lane ways are clear and easily accessible.
The weaners have been sorted and bonded with their nannies so that they can be moved to make way for the next generation. The Big Boys are having their bubble baths, pedicures and mane and tail trims, to be looking their best for the girls.

So now out with the foaling alarms, for the ladies in waiting, and the dreaded roster for foal watching. But isn't it just beautiful when a foal is born and within a couple of hours he or she is running around with Mum exploring this big world? And the excitement for the owners as a new generation brings on dreams of race day excitement, and celebrations. Yes, it's a busy time of year but a great time to be around horses. So come and visit and have a look at the foals (please ring before dropping in). And if you need help on deciding who your mare is going to next we can help there too.

See you soon.