Build a Solid Foundation

The excitement an owner feels at that first win or that blue ribbon is a great feeling and many think the trainer should get all the kudos.

But yearling preparation and training are the icing and decoration on the cake. A breeder knows that this winning feeling can only come as a result of a horse having a solid foundation and that foundation starts at conception and grows during pregnancy. The best way to ensure that a foal gets that good foundation is to have a happy and healthy mare. For a mare to be happy, she needs companionship and for a mare to be healthy she needs the correct food. 

Maiden mares can be picked on by older, experienced mares. Older mares can be bullied away from feed. There is not a "one solution, fits all" process. Careful monitoring is required to ensure that all mares are thriving in their environments. With feed, a solid foundation is built on a combination of pasture and feeding regimes. The main goal is to have a fit mare at the right weight. Pastures need to be managed just like any farm to ensure the right vitamins and minerals are present. The early months of pregnancy may be low maintenance but the later months show that supplementary feeding gets the best outcome. 

Bombora Downs monitors the health of their mares on a daily basis and set up separate mare groups, taking into account the age and life experience of each mare, with supplementary feeding to suite. Christoph follows an organic approach to pasture management and the lush green grass available all year round is a testament to the hard work of the team at Bombora Downs. It is a great place to build that foundation for your next winner.